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Parent Coach

“Accept the children with reverence, educate them with love, send them forth in freedom.” – Rudolf Steiner

Waldorf Early Years Specialist 

I am a Waldorf consultant/coach to families and homeschooling groups worldwide. I have been running programs and teaching young children on the west coast of B.C. for over 35 years. My background and experience is in Waldorf early years and primary education, as well as hosting forest/nature school programs.

While sharing my experiences as a mother, teacher, mentor, and parent consultant, it is my life’s task to guide individuals, groups, and communities world-wide through a process of heartfelt listening. The sessions I offer are aligned to such a path – one of nurturing and reassuring insight. I am devoted to working with parents and to resolve for their children a sense of wholeness – the space and freedom we all aspire to.   

 I am available to meet you and your needs with gentle and supportive guidance. With a genuine desire to make the changes needed, a willingness to practice honest observation and clear communication, I guarantee you will experience wondrous transformations in your life as a parent. I am happy to include one or more parents. I look forward to meeting you!

My Coaching Services

Heart-full Guidance

As your Waldorf coach, we will identify the challenges which so often arise with parenting young children, and discover together practical and creative solutions in which the children in your care may continue to grow towards a healthy future; bringing order to thoughts, strengthening soul capacities, and enlivening the will – that you may see your own work more clearly and feel encouraged in your striving.

1 on 1 or Group Coaching

   I will help you understand and implement the Waldorf educational philosophy and method in your parenting and home life, explain the developmental needs of your children, provide guidance on how to create a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters their holistic development, and offer support for your children’s development while maintaining your own personal and spiritual well-being. I am happy to offer one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, or classes.

Topics Covered

Coaching sessions are rooted in a strong Waldorf early childhood offering and nature emersion – focusing on topics such as child development, rhythm in the home, practical and outdoor activities, and so much more! We will also look into some of the questions you may have like what is movement based learning; why is creative play so crucial in our world today; how do children learn through imitation and rhythm; why is nourishing the senses so vital? 

What is Waldorf?

The Steiner or Waldorf approach to early childhood education emphasizes on play-based, holistic and hands-on learning which addresses children’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Teachers create a warm and nurturing environment where children feel safe and secure. The curriculum is designed to meet children’s individual needs, interests and developmental stages, with an emphasis on creativity, imagination and the natural world. The approach also prioritizes outdoor play, movement and physical activity, and artistic and creative activities. The first seven years of life are crucial for the child’s healthy development and sense of self.

Waldorf early years
Waldorf early years

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